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About us

Welcome to the Applied Foreign Languages at Shih Chien University

   About Us   

The Department of Applied Foreign Languages (AFL) has a longstanding reputation for providing excellent teaching and incorporating interdisciplinary approaches to prepare students to meet the needs of a diverse workforce upon graduation. 

Along with its commitment to developing students’ verbal and written communication skills, the AFL department provides ESP courses that build knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields: cultural and creative, digital education, aviation, and business industries.

   In-demand Skills for the Future 

In an era when STEM education is gaining a greater focus, liberal arts education has never been more essential. The soft skills that liberal studies build and develop provide prominent recognition and can gain a competitive edge in the age of technology.

In line with this global trend, the AFL Department focuses on developing the in-demand skills students need to succeed in the future as they progress through the curriculum. These soft skills have an increasingly greater value in the constantly changing world as they assure flexibility and competitiveness in the new-age job market.

Critical Thinking and Communication Skills

It is through the engagement of debates, group reports, thesis writing, and article analysis that AFL students are exposed to various ways of thinking, analyzing, and questioning so as to shape personal perspectives and cultivate critical thinking as well as communication skills.

Online Speaking Public speaking Professional English Approach to literature
Online Speaking Public Speaking Professional English Approaches to Literature

Interpersonal Skills, Problem-Solving Skills and Empathy

In and out of class activities, such as Drama Contests and English Camps in Remote Areas, provide students with opportunities to deepen their learning. Through working effectively in groups, students develop positive interpersonal relationships, learn to solve problems collaboratively, and understand the emotions of others.

Hui long junior remote area teaching 1 drama contest
remote area 2
Drama Contest
english speech contest

Teaching English in Remote Areas Hui Long Junior High school, Thailand

Teaching English in Remote Areas

Ming Jheng Elementary School, Taichuang, Taiwan

English Speech Contest

Digital Skills

To prepare students for their future careers, digital skills are integrated into existing courses and taught separately in new courses. Students will learn to work with data, carry out tasks remotely, create media-rich assignments and presentations, improve digital communication skills, and extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

   Student Learning Beyond the Classroom  

The AFL Department encourages students to apply for internships to ease the transition from university to the workplace. Internship experiences benefit students by giving them a chance to apply their knowledge in the professional world, gauge work preferences, strengthen their résumés, and build self-confidence. All students can receive credit for internship experiences and the interns are required to reflect on their learning through writing journals and the connections between classroom learning and workplace applications.

summer intern yearlong intern
Summer Interns at China Airlines Yearlong Interns at China Airlines

   Program Outcomes  

AFL graduates enter a wide range of career fields as the soft skills they develop are applicable to different disciplines, such as education, transport, computing, and the hospitality industry.

AFL Alumna Aileen Chien AFL alumnus Anderson lu AFL Alumna chingpei, yu AFL alunma hsaioping wu

AFL alumna: Aileen Chien 

Deputy Purser, Eva Air

AFL alumnus: Anderson Lu

Supply Chain Program Manager, HP Inc.

AFL alumna: Chingpei-Yu

Procurement Dep, CHICKBIDDY

AFL alumna: Hsiao-ping Wu

Associate Professor, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

卓景翔1 卓景翔2
AFL alumnus: Davis Cho, Flight Operations Officer, Taipei Songshan Airport